"Rampage" Johnson

ex-templar - ex-superstar linebacker - selfproclaimed Knight of wastes


Superstar linebacker and bad boy for New Orleans Saints in his previous life, Johnson’s temper was the thing that made him a star and also brought him down. But when all was said and done and cell door closed, it didn’t take long for Johnson to take his crown once again among his cell block.

Agility d8
Strength d8
Spirit d8
Smarts d4
Vigor d10

Arrogant (major)
“You know who I am?! I’ll set you straight!”
Vow: protect innocent, slay evil be a godamn hero
“There’s good folk all around and I have strenght to keep evil and monsters and shit off their backs.”
Heavy sleeper (minor)
“Champ needs his beauty sleep, scram!”

Darkness (Major)
Big monsters (minor)
Incorporeal monsters (minor)
Living metal monsters (Minor)

Fighting d8
Intimidation d6
Occult d6
Throwing d4
Notice d4
Faith d6
Shooting d4
Persuation d4
Driving d4

0 Brawny
5 Berserk
10 VotWW: ???
20 Strenght
25 Arcane Background: (ex) Templar
30 Simon’s blessing
35 Blessing of the saints
40 Chosen of the saints
45 Elan
50 ??
(exp 50)


Mercers Crowbar
Improvised armor: torso, head, right hand
Riot shield (medium shield)

Food: 3 days
Junk 12


After apocalypse hit the fan, “Rampage” was once again looked up to for his strength. Everyone had always thought him to be the toughest guy on the block and he himself had started to think that was the case. While leading his own prison bus they learned something about this brand new world: Sometimes its good to be small and quiet. As the bus burned and other were devoured by monsters, “Rampage” survived with his throwing hand crippled.

These were dark days..

..but then he heard about people who could heal his hand. They were a weird bunch, dressing in white tabards with red crosses, but life of a cripple and beggar wasn’t the one for him. Rampage seeked them out and ended up following one to show his worth before getting his hand healed.

After two years he got his hand back and had even became one of these fools with tabard… but diguises, humility and leaving weak people behind weren’t for “rampage” and he had falling out with the organisation. Going in boise with tabard and sword, leaving with only crowbar in his hand, it is not clear what happened behind the storm that day, but the refugees he was leading have great many theories, but what is sure is that they left to find a new sanctuary.

Still they had some right ideas, but Johnson needed to find his own way to gather people and give them hope. From a sportsbar he found his old BFL shirt and it hit him. It was time for the star of New Orlesean Saints to shine again.

Nowadays he sports his team colors, complete with improvised armor, riot shield and the same crowbar he has been using since leaving the Templars.

A fitting uniform for a knight of wastes as he likes to think himelf.

Worst Nightmare:
Being helpless, weak and worst of all not noteworthy.

Johnson trusts himself and his body and trying in vane to accomblish something he knows he should be able to do.

Mojave rattlers and wormlings.

"Rampage" Johnson

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