The mind is everything. What you think you become.



Agility d8
Smarts d10
Spirit d8
Strength d8
Vigor d6


Fighting d8
Notice d8
Investigation d6
Streetwise d6
Psionics d10
Knowledge (Occult) d8


One Eye (Major)
Nimrod used to have wife and two eyes. Now he has no wife and only one eye.

Quirk: Weak-minded are not worth saving (Minor)
Flesh is weak. Only strong-willed are worth the future.

Oath of Unity (Minor)
Nimrod swore the oath to never harm a brethren.

(Librarian) Major Vow: Gather and Restore Knowledge
Preserving scientific data is the only way for humanity to survive.

(Librarian) +2 charisma to intellectual/scientific people
Former professor at University of Nönnönnöö. Some of his work is recognised among other scientific folk.

(Librarian) Investigator
Nimrod has contacts on from his former life as well as in his new life at the library.


0 Veteran o’ the Wasted West: Combat Reflexes (Mutation)
0 Smarts: d10
0 Spirit: d8
5 Arcane Background: Syker
10 Agility: d8
15 Librarian
20 Fortitude
25 Elan
30 2 Skill Point
35 Strength: d8
40 New Power: Boost/lower trait
45 Vigor: d6


Telekinetic Squeeze
I swear he’s the creepiest professor ever! You know that kind of stare, do you? When it feels like he’s drilling into to you soul. Warmth escapes your body and it feels like your heart skips a beat. I’ll never forget those eyes. I’ll never sleep on the class again!

Mind Wipe
What was that? There’s strange feeling on my head. Who is this bald guy in front of me and why is he touching me? What a creep. He says I shouldn’t trouble my mind with it. Ugh!

Boost/lower trait
Why I never got this stuff before? I never thought I would pass this course! He’s the best professor I’ve ever had!



She said I shouldn’t worry about it too much. After this trip we should have so much money we could live our dream back on Earth. We could retire from our dead end jobs at the University. Travel the world. Live. Laugh. Love.

They said my mind was more valuable on the battlefield than on the laboratory. I disagreed with that but even I couldn’t defy the orders. Eventually I was stationed too far away from her and lost the mental bond we had. I was so alone. Even with my brothers.

I lied on the floor. My head in a small pool of blood. It felt like my eyes were bleeding out of my head. I had been blinded by the pain. She was lying next to me. I reached her hand. I hold her hand firmly. Her grip was limp and cold. I couldn’t sense her there. It was all silence. So. Dead. Silence.


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