New Edges

New Edges


Requirements: Novice, Strenght d8+
This waster has taken up the Hillbilly Dueling Pistol, the scattergun. When the character uses a sawed-off, he ignores penalties for using two-handed weapon with one hand up to -2. Additionally, drawing his shortened shotgun inflicts only -1 multi-action penalty.

This Is My Boomstick!

Requirements: Veteran, Groovy
The character has perfected the art of making noise and looking cool. When using a scattergun, the hero ignores all penalties from using a two-handed weapon with one hand, and suffers no multi-action penalties for readying his weapon of choice.

Requirements: Novice, Repair d8, Knowledge (Engineering) d8

You can build normal devices yourself in (comparatively) short amounts of time. You must pay half the cost of the item in materials to build it, and it then takes a number of days equal to the weight of the item in pounds to build. Items with a weight less than 1 lbs. take 2d6 hours to build. You must make a successful Repair roll to build the item; on a raise, the item is built in half the time.
Items with a cost of “Military” may require their own adventures to attain the materials for building or special costs determined by the GM.
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New Edges

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