Kurt "Jollywood" Boham

An ex-pornstar with a big ride and attitude. Who fucking else? Loves riches and bitches and god damn _hates_ zombies.


Agility d8
Smarts d6
Spirit d8
Strenght d6
Vigor d8

Quirk (minor): Even after the rocks fell Kurt has always had a soft spot (and a cold need) for sweet love.
Enemy (minor): Combine. The men with the black hats didn’t appreciate the shit our “Jollywood” pulled off.
Overconfident (major): “There’s nothing a Boham can’t handle. Absolutely nothing.”

Driving d8
Shooting d8
Streetwise d4
Repair d8
Notice d6
Knowl: occult: d6

0: Rich
N: Filthy Rich
5: Wheels
10: VotWW
15: Vigor d8
20: Combat Reflexes
25: Repair d8
30: Spirit d8
35: Elan
40: Brave
45: Guts

Gear: HI Damnation, Colt Peacemaker, scope, smoke grenade x2, 82 “cash”, 10mm caseless ammo x40, .45 ammo x18, motorcycle helmet.


Before the boom Kurt was on his way from “Jollywood” fame to the actual Hollywood fame. The porn gigs were okay, but the new movie he was booked into was a real deal. A small budget production but this was something more, alright? He had money sure, but that wasn’t what he was searching for. Fame. Fucking fame. If someone doesn’t recognize you in the street what’s the fucking point of walking in there anyway.. The contracts were done and the filming soon to begin; what could’ve gone wrong? You guessed right, the doomsday steps into the fray.

Needless to say Kurt didn’t film that movie and instead got recruited to Blackhats after a while of wandering in the wastes of the “new world”. One day his ego got the best of him and after 2 of his squad got slain by a random cacti-shitass-critter he walked it off. Luckily for the bastard his chip didn’t blow up, and by “walking it off” I mean stealing the squad’s ride, some weapons and ammo. Fuck Combine, Kurt is in the house, right?

Kurt "Jollywood" Boham

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