Dr. Clint Grissom

An old doctor with an ambition for technology


General Impression
An old man in a tattered labcoat. Some might say he is either old or mad. Maybe both. Wishes to advance the technology in the wasted west and rebuild the civilization.

Agility d6
Smarts d12
Spirit d8
Strenght d4
Vigor d4

Charisma -1
Pace 5 (elderly -1)
Running die d6
Parry 4
Toughness 4
Dominion 0
Power Points: 10

Weird science d12
Notice d12
Healing d8
Repair d10
Knowledge: Engineering d8
Knowledge: Occult d6
Shooting d4
Fighting d4

Elderly Major
“I have been blessed or cursed with a long lifespan”

Loyal Minor
“In this day and age, can we really afford to let our companions perish?”

Vow Minor – Restore civilization & technology
“Water and food should be available for everyone. Possibly cellphones. And definitely microwaves and poptarts.”

Habit Major – Alcohol
“Alcohol boosts creativity. And is used to purify wounds! No, I am not addicted.”

Mark Of Fear
Caused by a huge glom. One eyebrow is completely white.

Minor phobia: Living metal
Caused by a lurker lurking. – Cured by magical drink from a mythical vase in a fantasy world

0 Veteran:Addicted: Alcohol+Hindrance points to smarts&spirit
5 Alertness
10 AB: Junker
15 Jack Of All Trades

20 Scrounger
25 Marksman
30 Healer
35 Notice d8→d10, Know: Engineering d6→d8

40 Tech Head (see Edges)
45 Elan
50 Notice d10→d12, Repair d8→d10
55 Level headed

The device seems to be an old modded smartphone. When used, the camera flashes and instantly heals the affected area with controlled(more or less) radiation. Side effects unknown.

EXP: 60


Dr. Clint Grissom

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