Deadlands: HellOnEarth

Session Recap: Scavenging in the Ghost Storm

We were sent to the city of Odin gather parts for a water purifier. The first problem was entering the city throught the ghost storm that had formed around it. I could have asked a few techspirits to help, but fortunately we had encountered a doomsayer, Bryan Harland, before. With his powers of the glow at least I and Nimrod survived without any harmful or noticeable mutations. Bryan sprouted a third eye. The sad thing was, that the third eye was blind too. When I get the chance, I should investigate cybertech alternatives to fix his eyes.

The city streets were full of useable junkmetal, but we did not have time to scavenge on the way. Because the streets were mostly blocked by cars we had to continue our journey on foot. A shame, the car had comfy seats. I think we saw a mutant humanoid of some sort, that ran away immediately we tried to communicate with it.

Then we finally got to the old water treatment plant. I think that was the exact moment we noticed that some old oil drums started burning without a good reason. Some moments after that we saw a huge firewave approaching and quickly ran inside the building. None of us knew what the hell it was and I did not have any scientific gear with me, so we focused on our mission: Recovering parts for a water purifier.

After hours of searching and scavenging we found the parts we needed and decided to look through a nearby library (well of course, we had a librarian with us…). When we got there the firewave happened again and we had to hide in the librarys basement. There we found a spaniard of some sort named Jonatan, who was captured by some mysterious invidiuals we encountered before.

Because we needed a safe place to sleep, we headed to the local mall. When we arrived at the underground parking hall, my junker instincts got the best of me when I saw an ambulance. I quickly ran to it, hoping to get the cream of the crop first. Well, it was too good to be true. It was a treasure hoard of a metal monster we know by the name of “Lurker”.

I was running like hell, but then I noticed that my companions started to fight against it. I knew I had to help them. While they distracted it, I gave it a few well-aimed blasts from my trusty pump shotgun. After I patched up my companions we found a friendly old man that offered us soup and a place to sleep. Of course we took that offer.

But after that, the story goes weird….


Havu Janibala

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