Deadlands: HellOnEarth

Session recap 3: To Boldly Go


The hechicero who brought us to the land of the elves, orcs and taverns, Balthazar, isn’t some loco maníaco who wants to play games. Good to know.

Both Rampage and Nimrod had gotten a message while I was busy… Gettin’ to know the nativo, if ya’ll know what I mean. We needed a ring off a statue in a temple at the bottom of a lake, if we wanted to get back to the Wastes someday. Personally, I didn’t really mind it there, so I let my compañeros take the plunge to the depths. Good thing I did too, since half of them came up unconscious and needed a little help from my impromptu steam powered, self-reeling caña de pesca.

We had to get away from the lake in a hurry, for a pack of wolves got our scent. Fortunately Jollywood was up to the task and led us out of harm’s way.

It didn’t take long for us to bump into the Old Bub again. He told us fancy tales of worlds being at stake, a great doom loomin’ around us, and he needs our help to push it back to where it came from. Not so sure I buy his bull, but the guy got the jugo to send us bouncin’ around worlds, so he gotta be one of the bigger things out there. If I play along, he might just help me to get back at that bruja who crossed me…

Anyway, now we’re in a warehouse with a penthouse-view to Earth itself, so I reckon we’re in a espacio world. I think I once saw a Doctor Who episode that started like this.


Havu Jaakkosakari

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